Saturday, January 16, 2010

Publishing Poetry Article

Today, I wrote an article about publishing poetry. The same information could apply to any book, not just poetry.
Publishing Poetry

I hope you find some information in this article that you can use.

Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Tell How Much Traffic Your Website Gets with Google

With HubPages, the Hubpage statistic button on your article give you information on how many visitors your HubPage had and where the visitors came from. Also, the View Your Hubs link on your HubPages home page will show you all of your hubs and the traffic that the hubs have received in the last 24 hours, week, month, and total traffic since the hub was published.

So, you get some information on visitors for HubPages. However, I still set up URL channels on Google AdSense for each of my Hubpages so that when I get clicks, I know which articles the clicks came from. I also set up URL channels for each of my websites and blogs.

Channels on AdSense show the traffic a website gets and the revenue it is making. To set up a channel, sign into your Google AdSense account and click the AdSense Setup tab. Then, click channels. Make sure the AdSense for content tab is active (selected), click URL Channels, then click Add New URL Channels. This gives you a field where you can type in the domain names for your websites and URL's for your HubPages articles. I copy and paste mine to make sure I get the URL correct.

I do this immediately after I post a HubPage. I view the HubPage, copy the URL from the browser window, and paste it into the Google AdSense add URL channel field.

Now, you know exactly how much money each of your websites and hubs is making.