Thursday, July 23, 2009

Types of Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

There are several different kinds of work from home jobs. Looking at the types of home employment may help you find on that is suited to your skills and needs. Here's a list and descriptions types of work from home employment:

Provide a Service: Whether it's daycare or dog walking, there are numerous options for starting a home-based business you would enjoy. With a service business, start up costs are typically low. Some work from home service businesses can be started with a few advertising dollars to run ads or print flyers to distribute to neighbors or people who may need your service.

Freelancing: Freelancing is similar to a service business, but freelancing often focuses on specialized skills that the freelancer has. Writers, website designers, computer programmers, artists, interior designers, sales professionals, and accountants may do freelance work. There are numerous options. You might not even be aware of available opportunities. To get a glimpse of some available freelance opportunities, take a look at

Internet Income: Advertising revenue from ads on websites or blogs, affiliate programs, and selling ebooks are examples of Internet income. If you would like to own a website, but do not know how to design one or don't feel comfortable writing the content, you can find low-priced freelance services on If you feel comfortable with writing, you might want to start with a free blog. Beware of any affiliate programs that charge a fee.

Selling Products
: While many people have success with product-based home businesses such as Avon or Tupperware, I am not a huge fan of these programs. They usually require the new recruit to pay a fee. Many individuals end up spending much of their profit they receive on either merchandise, samples, or brochures.

Information Marketing: We've all seen infomercials about a book telling you how to do something, whether it is making money, getting money, or losing weight. Then there's the DVD's, kits, and CD's instructing people on how to do something. This is information marketing. The sellers are selling information. On a smaller scale than national infomercials (yet to a potentially global market), information marketing can be done through websites, ebooks, and newsletters.

I will be providing more information on finding a legitimate work from home business, but you may already have some good ideas. You may see several possible opportunities which is GREAT! We definitely want those multiple streams of income.

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